In 2019, Podari.Life continues to pursue the goals of helping Russian doctors to develop their capacity to diagnose and treat childhood cancer. The program includes subscription to clinical journals, supply of academic and reference books and database access. In total, between January and April, Podari.Life spent US $ 7 942 on this program (9 journal subscriptions, 1 database access and 14 academic titles with online access). These books and journals will help doctors and researchers at Dima Rogachev's Center and Krasnoyarsk Medical Center to advance their knowledge of newest methods and practices of cancer cure and expand their help to Russian child patients. With your generous help, we hope to keep Russian doctors up to date with global knowledge. 2019' plan for the "Helping Doctors" program is about $ 50.000 USD on this critical component of the fight with childhood cancer.

We appreciate your continued support and generous donations to this cause.