Program Cost:

$ 50,000

  1. Medical database subscriptions for Russian hospitals
    To fund clinical databases and academic libraries access for Russian medical professionals working in a field of oncology

  2. Internship and Observership for Russian doctors at US hospitals
    Organize, assist and fund Russian doctors education to the highest standards

  3. Books, guides and manuals for Russian doctors
    Provide current book supply to Russian medical libraries in a field of children oncology, treatment and rehabilitation

  4. International conferences (including participation of the American and Europeen doctors in workshops in Russia)
    Funding for professional exchange, travel of doctors and researchers that enriches Russian doctors capacity to treat childhood cancer

Treatment &

Program cost:

$ 250,000

  1. Unregistered medications  to help kids to fight cancer
    Everything month we need to buy some medications that are not available in Russia, but  our patients need them right now,   

  2. Clinical psychologists support and international exchange
    Organization, support, funding for ChildLife specialist education and other psychology professionals who work with children during the treatment and rehabilitation  

  3. Education and recreational programs for kids at hospitals
    International exchange, program development and enlightenment for kids during treatment

  4. Promotion of the rehabilitation and survivorship programs
    Research and adaptation of best practices in post-treatment

& Growth

Program cost:

$ 15,000

  1. Office expenses
    As every organisation we need have basic office need while try to keep them as low as possible

  2. Advertising and fundraising
    Some inevitable expenses on awareness, outreach and marketing

  3. Travel expenses
    Not everything happens in Boston.