Nadia, who moved recently to San Francisco, CA from Russia, has decided to turn her birthday party into a special fundraising event

"This year I am turning 30! Hitting a milestone, as they say. I have everything I need. I have a beautiful daughter, loving husband, amazing family and wonderful friends. My life is full of love, joy and adventures. I thank the Universe for what I have every day. I need nothing else. This year I don’t want to receive any presents for my birthday, I want to give them all to those who need them more than I do."

Nadia works at a family restaurant near the Golden Gate Bridge. The owners of the Sandrino Pizza and Vino supported her cause and turned a regular Sunday eat-out into a special celebration. She raised more than $1,200 and we are honored that she has chosen Podari.Life to benefit all her gifts.   

Happy birthday Nadia, and thank you and your friends and family for becoming Podari.Life supporters!