The World Children’s Winners Games are to be held in Moscow, August. 3-5. The Winner's Games are international sports competition for young cancer survivors. Lera Abakumova, whose treatment was supported by Podari.Life, is participating.


The main purpose of the Winners Games is to help children who have overcome cancer to get back to normal life after the disease. Since sport is very opposite to the illness, Winner's Games participants gain back their self-confidence and learn that they again can lead the same active life they had led before. The Winners Games were launched by our sister Podari Zhizn Foundation in 2010. While starting the project, Podari Zhizn aimed not only at helping children to recover emotionally, but also at demonstrating that there is hope and that children with cancer can be cured.

600 children from 15 countries and 40 regions of Russian Federation are participating in Winners Games this year. The competition will be held in track, swimming, table tennis, shooting, chess, and football.


Just two months ago, thanks to you, Lera had her endoprosthesis fixed, and now she is coming to the Winners Games right away after her treatment. She arrived from Germany to Russia on July, 28, right a few days before the Winners’ Games opening.

Lera's mother Tatiana thanks the supporters of Podari.Life for covering the girl’s treatment and says that the surgery and rehabilitation went successfully, and Lera is getting well. Of course, we are very proud of Lera Abakumova and wish her and other Winners Games participants to gain their best results in sports, though all of them are already the winners. All children, participating in the Winners Games, have already won their battle with cancer.

We invite you to support young cancer survivors by watching highlights of the Winners’ Games on a live webcast on