A kid in a hospital doesn't have a clear understanding what is going on inside his or her body. Meanwhile, playing dolls is an important part of child's life. Clever Medikin doll technology merges kids passion for dolls and the treatment and psychology needs of the doctor. Using Medicine toys, doctors can explain children with cancer what is going wrong with their bodies; and they can explain what the treatment does.

We want to buy the first set of MediKin Teaching Aides for Russian  Dmitriy Rogachev Pediatric Hematology Center (Russian version only) - leading nation child onco-hematological hospital (picture above shows the required dolls). While the Center' doctors make the best efforts to save children's lives, the hospital has no excess funding for tools like MediKin aides. We believe this gift of you and us will help to provide psychological support and better explain to little patients what they are going though.
The first set includes:
Hematology Teaching  Vein
Hematology Teaching Bone
Rotationplastry-Amputee MediKin
Bone Marrow/Spinal Tap Aspiration Adapter
Central Line/Implanted Port Adapter
Facial Expression Adapter Set
MediKin Carrying Case 
The MediKin Teaching Aides website says: "These extraordinary medical manikins can eliminate a child's fears, overcome language barriers and give medical professionals a way to discover how a child is feeling about their illness or treatments." 
We think it is true and we want to give it a try in Moscow, Russia. So please help kids to have some fun about childhood cancer. 

Podari.Life Inc is MA-based 501(c)(3) registered US public charity, committed to help child cancer patients and doctors who fight for their life in Russia. Podari.Life is a sister charity to Russia-based "Podari Zhizn" Foundation and UK-based "Gift of Life" charity.