On December 1, the charity concert of Russian poetry and music was held in Pleasanton, CA. Our supporters raised almost $2 300 USD.


The evening was organized and held by a small group of friends who once gathered to share their favorite poems with each other, and occasionally developed the idea to hold a charity concert that will address a passion of friends - enjoy performing and helping Podari.Life. The organizers and participants cheered the event that much that they decided to mark it as a start to a continuous new initiative.

2018-12-01 21.25.24.jpeg

The concert brought together friends who came to sing songs we all know and love, read poems we laugh and cry hearing and dance enthusiastically. More than 60 guests attended, and everything was just like at a real concert: a performance bell rung to invite viewers to the venue inviting to take seats, a buffet with homemade marshmallows and pies opened during the intermission, and attendees could buy handmade toys and shawls.

All proceeds from the event were donated to Podari.Life.

Winter Holiday Season is a magic time. A small wonder happened when Father Frost and Snow Maiden entered the hall with a bag of gifts for all guests!