Many our supporters celebrated June 1st, International Children Day (and our 4th anniversary) by participating at different fundraising events.

Some events were local and one-day, like “Oh, To Be a Child Again” in Pleasanton, CA, or Charitable Field Day hosted by SpeakandPlay in Newton, MA, or a special Mozgoboyna (“Brain Breakers”) for kids in Miami, FL. We are also very grateful to all participants of First Family Day “Vmeste” in North Andover, MA who decided to support Podari.Life.

And some event, like Hermiona Education Global Open House - will go on until the end of the month.

Today, we may conclude that June 1st fundraisers already brought up over six thousand dollars.

Thanking all participants, Podari.Life meanwhile asks you for some more help.


13-years old Yegor Malyar is fighting ALL (acute lymphoblastic leukemia) for three months now. His chemotherapy is very complex as it requires addressing side effects such as pneumonia and aspergillosis. In order to continue, doctors need to apply Fortecortin medicine (powerful steroid). Yegor needs a course of Fortecortin, and other patients may need it as well. Podari.Life needs your support to meet a goal of $12,700 USD that will buy 200 flacons of the medicine – enough for Yegor’s treatment and other patients for a whole year.

With all donations collected in June as up today, Podari.Life only can cover 1/2 of the cost of vital medication. Let's help Yegor!

If you want to combine a gift of charity with a useful advise on your child's education in the United States or abroad, consider Hermiona Education project. Qualified mentors and counselors will guide you through options and personal education plans on a path to college - for your donation to Podari.Life.