It's been only four months since we started accepting donations in cryptocurrency and the results are really amazing.

More than 175 Bitcoins* have been donated to Podari.Life to the moment!  

But the most important thing is that virtual money have already become real help. We are ready to tell you the stories of those whose treatment has been financed with the help of the bitcoins you donated! These are only three stories, but in fact your help gives dozens of chances for recovery. 



Christina Lukmanova, 13 years old, Tver

Christina has sarcoma, she has been a patient of the Russian Cancer Research Center. N.N. Blokhin for half a year already. Christina receives chemotherapy, and it is the only weapon she can defeat the tumor with. Christina had suffered from pains in her leg for a long time before she was diagnosed — none of the doctors could even suspect the worst. 

In the autumn Christina had to come to Moscow to get the best treatment possible. Unfortunately such treatment can cause other serious complications, for example, Christina has serious problems with her heart. To fight possible complications she needs a super-modern and super-expensive expensive foreign medicine "Cardiocsan", which reduces the cardio-toxicity of chemotherapy. The necessary medicine costs several thousand euros, and this is an unbearable sum of money for Christina's family.


Lilya Plotnikova, age 14, village Rasylnaya (Kursk region)

We've known Lilya for a very long time. She started her treatment for osteosarcoma in 2011, and received her first chemotherapy in the Russian Children's Clinical Hospital. There was a time when the doctors were seriously considering a possibility of leg amputation, but Lilya became one of the first patients who tried a new (at that time) and very expensive method of treatment:  replacing the affected bone with an endoprosthesis. This method promissed a great result -  saving the limb, and the patient could lead a usual life further.


Of course, there were many doubts, for example, the method was very expensive and sooner or later the prosthesis would have to be changed - as the child would be growing. But Lilya's future was more important. She had a surgery in Germany and keeps going there from time to time to extend the endoprosthesis apart. Besides these medical trips, Lily leads a completely normal teenager's life - she goes to school, walks with friends and helps parents in the household.

Time has come to extend  the  endoprosthesis once again - the leg with the prosthesis is six centimeters shorter than the healthy one. These six centimeters difference causes severe pains in the spine. The German clinic was ready to accept their patient, but the expenses had to be covered. Medical services, flight and accommodation — 6.5 thousand Euros ($8 250 USD) in the whole. And they were all covered thanks to your bitcoin donations!

Tikhon Zhidkov, 4 years old, Sevci (Bryansk region)

Tikhon suffers with dangerous malignant tumor - rhabdomyosarcoma of the bladder. He was diagnosed in August 2017, and had his first few courses of chemotherapy in the hospital in Bryansk, but then was transferred to the Federal Center for Pediatric Onco-Hematology (Dima Rogachev Center)

Unfortunately Tikhon's type of disease could not be defeated with chemotherapy only. He needed a very complicated, so to say, "jeweler" surgery— the doctors had to remove the tumor without damaging the vital organs. In addition, Tikhon would need brachytherapy - a local type of radiation therapy. All this treatment is ready to be carried out in the university clinic of Tübingen in Germany. The doctors there have great experience of conducting such complicated treatment. German specialists studied Tikhon's case and decided they could help. But the  treatment would cost almost 84 000 Euros ($105 300 USD) . 

The only way Tikhon could receive it was due to your bitcoin donations.


Of course, all these stories are with a good ending. The treatment was financed because you decided to help - Christina, Lilya and Tikhon will soon have all the necessary treatment, and we hope that the children will get a chance for a final recovery. 

It is very easy to donate bitcoins and thus to give children chances to get the best weapon against cancer. 

Thank you!



*We would write here that it is more than $1.5 million USD, but do you know  how to predict BTC exchange rate? We neither.