This year I am turning 30! 

Hitting a milestone, as they say, I have everything I need. I have a beautiful daughter, loving husband, amazing family and wonderful friends.

My life is full of love, joy and adventures. I thank the Universe for what I have every day. I need nothing else. This year I don’t want to receive any presents for my birthday, I want to give them all to those who need them more than I do.

Please make a donation to Podari.Life instead of buying me a present for my birthday, February the 5th.



And, please, help me spread the word! I believe when more people hear about the problem more people will get involved and try to help! 

I support “Podari.Life”, a public charity, which helps children in russia who suffer from cancer. 

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Children’s cancer in many cases is curable if diagnosed early and treated properly. In Europe and the United States, up to 90% of children diagnosed with cancer survive. In Russia, fewer than 70% do.

Because cancer treatment is very expensive and not everyone can afford it.

Because hospitals lack necessary medical equipment and medicines.

Because there are not enough hospitals which can provide proper treatment and care.

Three sister charities help children in Russia who suffer from cancer: the Russia-based “Podari Zhizn", the UK-based "Gift of Life" and the US-based "Podari.Life". They all share a common mission: a child’s life should not depend on money. The effort is genuinely two-fold: not only charities try to provide every kid with treatment today, but they want to make sure that tomorrow there will be quality treatment and services.

Podari.Life has different programs to assure that Russian doctors have access to the best medicine, technology and knowledge - empowering them to provide modern treatment to kids with childhood cancer.

Please donate  to “Podari.Life” public charity instead of buying me a present for my birthday and/or help me spread the word!


Let’s care and share our love and kindness!

Please don’t hesitate to contact me or any of the foundations directly with any questions.