Yegor keeps fighting. You bought Defitelio for him - $19,182.78 USD

Yegor keeps fighting. You bought Defitelio for him - $19,182.78 USD

Yegor is turning 6 y.o. in two weeks and he’s been fighting aplastic anemia for almost 3 years. It’s a disease in which the body fails to produce blood cells in sufficient numbers. The boy went through different treatments and received several bone-marrow transplants, but the disease comes back.


Right now Yegor feels better after the last transplant, but he needs to Defiltelio. As you might know Defitelio is the only treatment, that helps patients to fight veno-occlusive hepatic disease (VOD) occurred after bone marrow transplant. Podari.Life buys Defitelio for Russian hospitals, because it is not available for medical use in Russia and therefore cannot be provided by government-based medical insurance or even private insurance companies.

So thanks to you, we bought this medication, it costed $19,182.78 USD.


Yegor, Yaroslava and Dima received their treatment. ($39,095 USD)

It is time to report you on June 1st activities and results. As you may remember, The International Children Day is very important for us. Many friends of ours use the occasion to celebrate - and fundraise - for our cause, fight with childhood cancer in Russia. This year, Podari.Life had declared - and ultimately reached it - a very practical goal, to raise $12,700 USD to help 13-years old Yegor Malyar whose complex chemotherapy required addressing side effects such as pneumonia and aspergillosis. Yegor - and many other small patients and wards of "Podari Zhizn" needed a medicine Fortecortin. 

With all your support, with a generous giving during June 1st events (and other longer initiatives, like Hermiona Education' Global Open House ) we managed to pay for Yegor's medications. As we told you earlier, the excess of Fortecortin will help other patients at least until the end of 2019.

In June your donations helped us to cover the cost of medications for two other kids who fight cancer: Yaroslava and Dima.


Yaroslava Lavrukhina (7 years old) from Tula region needed Kidrolase ($19,350 USD), a treatment not registered in Russia. Again, not only the medication helped Yaroslava (she’ve already completed ALL treatment at Dima Rogachev Center and now is back at home), but doctors now have reserves for 14 other small patients who undergo chemotherapy in Moscow.

Your giving had helped Dima Siluyanov from Perm, northern Russia. He is "Podari Zhizn" yongest ward right now, born in 2018. His diagnosis is scarier than a cancer - multiple deficiency of an immune system. Like cancer patients, Dima needed bone marrow transplant - and it helped! Your help allowed us to pay for Defitelio ($6,683.45 USD), a crucial unregistered medication that is required as a part of treatment.


Bone Marrow Transplantation for Maxim: $26,402 USD


While Russian domestic medicine had advanced recently with surgery and access to most modern pharmaceuticals and technologies, we still lack national registry of non-relative bone marrow donors. Every operation that saves a life of a kid and requires a search - usually, with the help of German Stefan-Morsch-Stiftung costs from 23 to 35 thousand EURO per case. You helped to cover the necessary costs for Maxim Lobzaev (3 years), who suffers from chronic granulomatous disease. Maxim needed 23 000 EURO for a donor search and a list of critical medications needed in preparation to surgery and post-treatment period. Now Maxim is felling better and is ready to go back to Kazan, his hometown.


Eva and Trofim received Oncaspar

Eva Tselueva is 7 years old. Trofim Gorokhov is 9. She is from Samara, he is from Smolensk. They both were diagnosed with ALL, they both needed Oncaspar, and the both received it with your help.



Rare and unregistered medications -  $26 084 USD

Rare and unregistered medications - $26 084 USD

Similar to 2018, Podari.Life now provides critical medicines for Russian patients, supplementing and substituting Russian National Health System. This year, we already paid for treatment medicines and treatment components for several wards of "Podari Zhizn" - our sister charity in Russia for a total of $26 084 USD.


In particular for Roman Vyatkin, a 13-years old boy from Ekaterinburg, needed Cidofovir (anti-viral treatment in preparation for bone marrow transplant). We have covered the cost of medicine (US $ 5.427). Also, for 10-years old Alina Terentieva who suffers a returning ALL (acute lymphoma), we purchased necessary amount of Oncaspar (US $ 18.620), but as the recommended treatment - stem cell transplantation - more help may be needed. We will keep up with a demand for rare and unlicensed medicines needed to save children in Russia - with your hearty help and gifts.


Right now we are raising money to buy Defitelio for Yegor Bozhenov

($ 26 000 USD).


Defitelio is the only treatment, that helps patients to fight veno-occlusive hepatic disease (VOD) occurred after bone marrow transplant (BMT). Podari.Life buys Defitelio for Russian hospitals, because it is not available for medical use in Russia and therefore cannot be provided by medical insurance companies.
VOD is one of the most frequently encountered serious complications after bone marrow transplant. It is a life-threatening complication that had not been known in medicine until BMT treatment emerged. In this syndrome, small hepatic vessels' cells are damaged by toxic metabolites generated during the preparation to BMT (conditioning). 
There are two factors that put patients at risk of VOD. First is conditioning regimen with Busulfan, Cyclophosphan, Melphalan or total body irradiation; second is pre existing hepatic damage occurred due to hepatitis or iron overload caused by frequent blood transfusions. While dangerous conditioning regimens could be avoided, risky pre existing factors still have to be dealt with. Approximately, 1-2 percent of patients undergoing BMT develop VOD and need to start receiving Defitelio immediately. That is why it is so important to have a permanent stock of Defitelio in every BMT-department.

Donating money for Defitelio for pediatric hospitals you help children to fight dangerous complications of cancer treatment.


ChldLife webinars - $4 500 USD

ChldLife webinars - $4 500 USD

Childhood cancer needs extended and sometimes long treatment that takes kids out of their familiar life, family and school. Physical pain and suffering always come along with stress, fear and anxiety. But modern advanced medicine has developed an important tool to confront this - Child.Life practice, when qualified psychologists support kids in hospitals and rehabs, helping them to overcome the illness. Since very first year of work, Podari.Life funds the development of Child.Life competence for Russian hospitals. This year, we already funded Child.Life practice development for Russian clinical psychologists.

Our Rehabilitation Program covered the cost of education for several specialists at Child.Life Center.


Journal subscription, books and manuals - $7 942 USD

Journal subscription, books and manuals - $7 942 USD

In 2019, Podari.Life continues to pursue the goals of helping Russian doctors to develop their capacity to diagnose and treat childhood cancer. The program includes subscription to clinical journals, supply of academic and reference books and database access. In total, between January and April, Podari.Life spent US $ 7 942 on this program (9 journal subscriptions, 1 database access and 14 academic titles with online access). These books and journals will help doctors and researchers at Dima Rogachev's Center and Krasnoyarsk Medical Center to advance their knowledge of newest methods and practices of cancer cure and expand their help to Russian child patients. With your generous help, we hope to keep Russian doctors up to date with global knowledge. 2019' plan for the "Helping Doctors" program is about $ 50.000 USD on this critical component of the fight with childhood cancer.

We appreciate your continued support and generous donations to this cause.