In 2018 Podari.Life significantly increased the program that covered unregistered medicines for cancer treatment. "Unregistered" means that Russian hospitals cannot buy them on their own expense, and that's why Russian patients need our - and your - help.

We also want to brief you on total 2018’ spending and Podari.Life activities. As required by USCC 501(c)3 regulation, in 2017 and 2018, Podari.Life has to perform full audit of the financial results. You can find 2017 audit statement here. All other documentations including annual reports and previous IRS 990 Forms you can find on the The Official Website of the Attorney General of Massachusetts. Our Federal Tax ID is 47-4165470.


Podari.Life has three ongoing programs:

First program provides doctors, hospitals and researchers with a current access to Western academic and clinical research - via relevant journals and database subscriptions paid by Podari.Life. The program also provides scientists in the field of cancer research with grants to participate in international conferences and exchanges. In 2018, Podari.Life had spent $41 167 on this program.

Second program covers rare and unregistered medications needed to cure children in Russian hospitals, primarily Dmitry Rogachev National Research Center of Pediatric Hematology, Oncology and Immunology. The total expense for this Podari.Life program was $528 459

Third program covers treatment and rehabilitation outside of Russian national health system - usually, in German or Israeli hospitals for Podari Zhizn wards. These patients have extremely rare forms of childhood cancer or were initially treated abroad and need follow-up operations like endoprosthesis manipulations (kids grow, you know). This program cost in 2018 was $209 907, in particular for Lera Abakumova who successfully received her treatment with your support.  

Our enlarged capacity in 2018 (almost 10 times to 2017!) occurred thanks to gifts like yours, but also because of crypto-currency initiative we endeavored. Gracious crypto-donors gifted Podari.Life and its cause a significant sum of bitcoins (and other assets) that was used to cover the cost of our programs.                                                                                 

In 2019, we aspire to continue our efforts to help Russian doctors in their fight with childhood cancer. Our programs continue to support academic and clinical development of medical personnel in hospitals and research centers, provide life-saving medicines for patients in Russia and - to the best of our capacity - cover the costs of treatment and rehabilitation when it is needed.