Lera Nikiforova is one of the many children that received help because of you.  Lera is 10 years old and she has been fighting leukemia for 3 years now.

She first arrived in Moscow from her native Chuvash republic in August, 2015. The treatment went just fine, but in 2017 Lera returned to the hospital with a relapse.

This time Lera had to go through the bone-marrow transplantation — which means basically to restart the whole "system".
Unfortunately, right after the transplantation Lera was diagnosed with a virus — which wouldn't be a threat if she had the same immune system as any child.
However the immune system of a child that has gone through the bone-marrow transplantation equals zero. 

That is why the doctors of the National Medical Center after Dima Rogachev prescribed her Foscavir - a highly effective antiviral drug, which proved it's effectivenes and has been used in such cases for years. 
But unfortunately throughout these years has not become a registered drug in Russia.

We thank all our donors for their support — it is your help that let Lera receive the medicine she needed.
Lera is in remission right now and we wish her a fast recover!

You helped to pay for this medication that costed $6 059 USD.