You helped:

-  to fund an internship for the first Child Life Certified specialist  ($1,405).

- to make a first a step in transferring CAR T-cell Technology ($5,000). 

- to expand libraries at Russian oncological centers in Moscow and Yekaterinburg ($2,720.36).

- to buy Manikin dolls ($1,952).

- to pay for the visits of the European professor to consult on a surgery at Dima Rogachev Onco-hematological Center. ($1,463.94) 

- to fund the participation of A. Mitrofanova, MD, in the Marian Malone Memorial Advanced Course in Pediatric Pathology ($2,053)  

- to cover travel expenses of the American and European professors to attend the first Moscow School of Embryonic Tumors ($1,646.09) 


- Upcoming expenses:  annual medical subscription for FNKC doctors. (approximately $15,000)